MARTIN® Transfer Point Technologies

MARTIN® Transfer Point Technologies

By preventing spillage and airborne dust, Martin Engineering's Transfer Point technologies will reduce belt conveyor equipment damage, reduce cleanup, control maintenance expenses, and improve the safety of personnel. But Martin Engineering is more than an equipment supplier. We have created and implemented a comprehensive approach to improving belt conveyor transfer point performance.


Guardabelt impact cradles support the belt at the place of material impact. The bars are top covered with a friction-reduced UHMW.

Guardaseal is one of MARTIN ENGINEERING sealing system for transfer points, chutes, and total conveyors keeping in process both, dust and spillage.

Belt trackers keep the belt in line. If the belt runs out of line the tracker immediately steers the belt automatically back in line. The bulk material stays on the belt, no expensive cleaning is necessary and the wear of e.g. the idlers and the belts back side is reduced because there is no scuffing material.

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